Google Map scrapping-get data easily

Get data easily

Google Map Data Scrapping is not Easy, But you will get data easily from us by a CSV or Excel File

Handle Big Data Set

We can scrap big data set like whole USA or another country.

Get data within hours

Time depends on how many data you want. Basicallly in one hour we can deliver 500-600 Data.

Manage data By city

We can manage data City by City if you want or state by State.

Data Sample

Choose the perfect plan

Data Delivery time depend on yo How much data you want from us. Select a Perfect Plan and Let Us Know.



600 Data



1200 Data



2400 Data

Frequently asked questions

We use python script to scrap data. In contidition as our policy we can not share any script with anyone, we can only share the exact data you want.

Yes, You can discuss the whole scrapping project with our Expert. He will tell you exact time and Price.

Currently we have no software. But in demand we can convert our script to Windows software. It;s depend on your budget.

I will provide you, Google Sheet Link, Excel, CSV File. 

Yes Of Course. But it will possible after reviewing The site. I have to write script, then it is possible. It depends on your Budget.

Sometimes it happens in google map that, in your place it is showing data 300-350. But in my place it is showing 300-310. In that case you will get 300 data about. Sometimes it will miss 20-30 data. It depends on when we are running a google map crawler , it is showing data less or much than your place.

Our clients say

"I had need some category of companies for my product promotion. At that time i found LeadGen Rockstar, They help to get data with phone number , within short time. I was surprised. Highly Recommended."
Hilary Leigh
Product Developer
"That was amazing.They reduce my time from one day to Some hours. Thanks again"
Hall Read
Assistant Marketing Officer
"I have used many software to pull data from google map. But they took a long time to get me data. LeadGen Rockstar tooks only 2 hours. Thanks"
Quintin Angus
Marketing Manager
"Very smart work. When i ordered data I thought , it will take 1 days. But it took only 4 hours to pull all of my data. Thanks LeadGen Rockstar."
Jillie Tempest